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Melvin's Tiling Services in Crewe - Expert Installations & Repairs

There’s a reason why so many locals turn to us first when they require specialist tiling services in Crewe! It’s because we can provide assistance for any tile, on any wall or floor, inside or outside your premises...

Ready to contact us? You can do so in three different ways – dial 024 7735 2001, click on the chat prompt in the corner of your screen, or enter your details into our booking form. Remember, you’ll get a quote after an on-site viewing has been performed.

Why Use Melvin's Team for Your Tiling in Crewe?

  • Technicians are skilled in laying tiles, performing repairs, applying sealant, carrying out grouting, and much more – they can work anywhere in Crewe
  • Your service can be adapted so it suits your specific budget
  • Weekday, weekend, and Bank Holiday time slots are all available to you
  • You’ll have 24/7 access to customer care operators
  • You can qualify for a discount by also booking our flooring or painting and decorating services

Just How Comprehensive Are Melvin's Crewe Tiling Services?

Here are just some of the facts about your Crewe kitchen and bathroom tiling service...

Ceramic, porcelain, quarry, mosaic, glass, and marble tiles can all be installed! This can be on any wall, floor, or splash-back. And if you require it, your wall can just be part-tiled.

If some of your grouting has become too stained to be properly cleaned it can be replaced! Of course, new grouting can also be installed, and other similar tasks can be accomplished.

Sealant can be applied to your grouting or tiles! Make sure you get a proper finish!

Who’ll Complete Your Crewe Tiling Service?

Specialist who’ve not only been vetted and background checked, but highly trained too. Did you know they’ve performed hundreds of Crewe kitchen and bathroom tiling services? Locals have been more than satisfied with their work. Why? Because they bring all the necessary tools and always achieve real results.