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Melvin's Plumbing Services That Locals in Crewe Rely On

Installations. Fittings. Repairs. Unblocking. They can all be done during your comprehensive and reasonably priced plumbing service in Crewe! Want us to come to your business instead of your home? No problem. There’s nowhere we can’t travel for you...

Get the ball rolling by giving your requirements to a professional adviser. You can do this in one of three ways – call 024 7735 2001, fill out our booking form, or use our chat feature. Bear in mind, during your conversation you’ll be given an estimate. Not free during the day? Don’t worry, our customer service runs uninterrupted round-the-clock for your convenience – contact us.

Why Use the Plumbers We Work With in Crewe?

  • Your plumbers will bring all the gear needed to get your job done to your Crewe property for no extra charge
  • You can opt for any day of the week or weekend and still get the same level of quality – Bank Holiday slots are also for the taking
  • We offer you great value for your money, and you can increase this even more by adding more to your order – try our carpentry or electrical services
  • 24/7 customer is provided, so you can get in touch to make your booking or request a quote at your convenience
  • Your service can cover a full range of installations and repairs from fixing a leaky pipe to fitting a new bath

Questions Frequently Asked About Melvin's Crewe Plumbing Services

Using new Crewe plumbing services for the first time can be stressful. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of questions from previous customers and their respective answers below...

Q: What can I have installed?

A: Almost any bathroom fitting. This includes anything, from large baths to small waste flush mechanisms.

Q: What can I have repaired?

A: Pretty much everything. This covers not only basic leaky pipes, but bleeding radiators too. And what’s more, if you need your tap cartridge changed, or ballcock replaced, you can still come to us.

Q: What can I have unblocked or unclogged?

A: Your toilet, shower, bath, sink, and more.

Get to Know Melvin's Professional Plumbers in Crewe

We only work with genuine professional plumbers in Crewe. How can be so sure they’re authentic? Because before we even consider them they must first pass a thorough background check, as well as prove that they’ve been specially trained. This level of dedication ensures you get real results time after time. Hire them today and you’ll spot them in their neat uniforms as soon as they get to your premises.